Why Go Green - Go off the Grid

Every one has a different reason for deciding to pursue alternative energy sources, such as wind power and solar power. You may simply want to save mother Earth from the burning of fossil fuels in order to generate electricity, or in light of the recent Japan Nuclear disaster may want to have nuclear power plants shut down. For money to motivation to go green is financial. Not only are we in an energy crisis but we are in an economic crisis, I don't know about you, but my electric bill is over $200.00/month.

There is another reason to go green and go off the grid. Our society is so dependent on commercial energy sources that if a natural disaster occurred that took out the current energy grid, we would be sent back to the "dark ages". Food production would stop, people would freeze to death, we are taking about thousands of life and economic losses, just because the power is out. Whether a local disaster or global disaster takes place I would like to be energy independent.

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For Do-It-Yourself Alternative Energy Sources 

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